In Praise of GenZ and Today’s Time.

Around the Year 2009:

Bollywood ne aag laga rakhi hai… sadly, young people, going to colleges for the first time were burning in that fire.

Today, the Year 2022:

Social media, internet/pop-culture exposure, songs, series, the OTT opening up… things are so damn different than they were 10 years ago, and I’m happy for that.

  1. Pyaar Dosti Nahi Hai!
  • I don’t fall in love with all my friends, all my friends don’t fall in love with me. Sexual tension between two friends may need to be addressed.
  • God has given you a beautiful mouth and an innate capability to eventually produce language. Use it, verbally, or in writing, and express your liking toward someone in some constructive way.
  • First of all, who likes physical touch from a stranger? Friends/lovers toh baad mei bannte hai na, when you first touch someone, without consent, you’re strangers and it is not okay.
  • Secondly, read below on physical contact in ‘point 5: don’t ask, don’t tell’
  • Sexual tension between two people can be addressed in so many other constructive ways, especially if both the people feel attracted to each-other; can they not just ask each-other if they would like to hold hands, hug etc.? What kind of an immature, 5 year old behaviour physically teasing/hitting is? Children do it because they lack the vocabulary to express themselves, 18 year old adults who want voting, drinking, marriage(sex) rights are not expected to indulge in such immature, foolish behaviour; while at the same time using all their language prowess to abuse/insult each-other.
  • This one I’m also learning each day because I’ve been quiet on so many things for so long, I’ve just developed a tendency to overthink rather than be upfront and confront. Confrontation is uncomfortable, but misunderstandings are painful; choose wisely!
  • Secondly, if you repeatedly establish physical contact with someone, you both hug, caress, kiss, make-out, don’t be surprised if they develop feelings for you. Because Pyaar != Dosti (pyaar is not equal to dosti); you don’t do it with all your friends, not all your friends do it with you, right? Talk about it, give it a name, address it, or at least, make an attempt to.



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